Precast Products

in Sarasota, Florida
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We have also ventured with the manufacturing of concrete seawall panels, supplying numerous marine contractors here on the west coast.

We supply concrete posts, various sizes of slabs, splash blocks, curb block, concrete piers and survey markers. Decorative precast products include custom stepping stones, concrete table sets (with optional tile), street benches, flower pots and concrete bird baths. Lintels and sills are the newest precast products and are now available.

Our Precast Products

  • Cast Crete Dealer for lintels and sills.
  • Contractor products
  • 4 styles & sizes of Parking Bumpers
  • Seawall Panels
  • Slabs (Gray) various Sizes
  • Concrete Post, Banjos & Electrical Poles (Mostly Used by Electricians)
  • Curb Blocks - Tile Setters
  • Survey Markers
  • Concrete Piers
  • Custom Orders
  • Landscape Products (Decorative Precast Products)
  • Concrete table and bench sets (custom tile work available). You can see these tables locally at the Court House, Cha Cha Coconuts and St. Armands Local Beach Resorts
  • Street benches with wood slats (The Senior Center ordered 50 of these and had Artists Paint them for donation to the County Bus System)
  • Custom stepping stones with pebble, shell and keystone in assorted colors (You won't find these at the "big box stores")
  • Bird baths
  • Flower pots
  • Straight edging in a variety of colors

Call 941-351-6586 for more information on our precast products.