Experienced Brick Pavers

in Sarasota, Florida
For over 45 years, Anderson Asphalt and Concrete, has been in business providing experienced and professional service to customers in the Florida Gulf Coast area. We have built our reputation on our quality work and satisfied customers.
Brick Pathway — Asphalt Repair in Sarasota, FL
Brick Pathway to the Beach — Asphalt Repair in Sarasota, FL
Swimming Pool Deck — Asphalt Repair in Sarasota, FL

Long-Lasting Surfaces

  • Long-lasting Work
  • Create the Best Base
  • 5-Ton Vibratory Roller
  • Quality Materials
  • Professional Equipment
Providing the best base is our secret to creating beautiful, long-lasting brick paving. We use the largest roller in the area to prepare the base. Other companies use hand-held compactors, which are less effective.

More Quality Jobs Done by Anderson Asphalt

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